About Us

Here at DIDS', we approach things in different way(s).

Why We Exist

Rocket Icon We have realized some incredible growth over the years — both in our capabilities and the size of our customers . But, while we’ve added more awesome teammates, sharpened our skills, we’ll always have the same spirit that got us here.

And while we’ll always think of our customers as the company who love working with small businesses, individuals and government to provide affordable web design, we have found a new focus on white label web development. With an increasingly agency-first approach, we help creative teams free up time to focus on what they do best. So, we will always have that same scrappy soul of a startup — we are growing-up now. Star Icon

Oh, and we know what you are thinking.

What does DIDS' mean anyway?

Our founder Samuel named us after his four sibling’s initials (DIDS’), as the last among the four initial is “S”. It’s also time for you to guess the rest initials hehehehe!!! Friends, reminder of what’s most important in life — family!

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Meet Our Team

Samuel Olubisi

Founder & CEO

Deborah Adewale

Marketing Head, Content Writer & Support Manager

Legendary Support